Pick Winter salami | Zimska salama 400g


The Pick Winter Salami is a smoked and dry cured salami made from excellent, premium quality, natural ingredients with classic seasoning. The up-to-date production technology creates a perfect, unbeatable combination for decades with the traditional, beech wood smoking and long aging process. The harmonious flavour of the product is mainly helped by the signature white mould coating, which is protected by the cellophane packaging of the salami.

The Pick Winter salami has been produced since 1869 using a well kept secret recipe and contains nothing but choice ingredients. Carefully selected cuts of pork are used and smoked on real fire of beech wood that has been dried for 2 years. Under the watchful eyes of our Master of Salami who supervises production on an ongoing basis, it is matured for up to 100 days to achieve its unique flavour and white noble mould covered appearance.

Casing is not edible. This product is free from the following allergens: gluten, eggs, soy, milk, celery, peanuts, mustard, molluscs, stone fruit, shellfish, fish, lupine, sesame, sulphur-dioxide.


Ingredients: pork meat, pork fat, salt, spices, sugar, preservative E250. Prepared with 159g of pork per 100g of finished product. The casing is not edible.


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Customer Reviews

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£9.99 for 5 day BB date!

So when you open page with Pick salami and if you just click "add to cart" and don't scroll down you can't see that best before date is just for another 5 days instead of a couple of months, but the price is still 100%. So I found out upon delivery that I paid £9.99 for salami that will expire in 5 days although when I buy elswhere it has good few months BB date. Another expensive mistake.

Hi k, thank you for leaving your review. We mark all products nearing their expiry date - the text will be all caps, with an alert emoji and bolded and placed so that you can see it whatever device you are using. We take a lot of time and care to mark all items with a shorter expiration date, so that our customers have a choice to decide if the date is suitable and do not end up disappointed. You can read this in more detail on our Useful Disclaimers page.

I do apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience caused, we use all of our customer's feedback to keep improving their shopping experience and we are looking into more noticeable ways to highlight any important info on our website. We make all of our customers read the Useful Disclaimers page before checkout, but we are aware that most people will just tick and proceed to checkout without actually reading the info. We are also happy to offer more info about expiration dates in advance via phone or email.
Thank you for your understanding.