Pionir Negro 100g


Negro is a candy originating from Subotica, now Serbia where it was invented by József Ruff living and working in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. This brand of candies has been produced by Pionir (the successor of Ruff's confectionery production) since the 1920s in Serbia. The product's slogan is "the chimney sweep of the throat". On its wrapper a chimney sweep is depicted while sweeping a chimney. It gets its originally black colour from active carbon and anise which is similar in taste to licorice, and taste from menthol added.

The name Negro has sometimes mistakenly been seen as racist. The name refers to a similar candy (black licorice) inventor, Italian confectioner Pietro Negro, and the word "black" (as the most popular version of the candy is black) is not connected to people of African descent.


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, licorice filling (dextrose, sugar, glucose syrup, milk powder, liquorice extract 0,4%, flavours), flavours, colour (E153).


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