Donat Mg water | Donat Mg voda 1l


Natural mineral water with over 400 years of tradition that clinically proven stimulates digestion. Donat Mg is created deep below the surface of Rogaška Slatina, and was named after the nearby Mount Saint Donatus. Before it sprang to the surface, it seeped through mineral-rich earth for thousands of years. Thus nature has created a mineral water that can be found nowhere else on Earth. Today’s lifestyle often includes precooked food, not enough exercise and other unhealthy habits. And since your body is merely a reflection of the way you treat it, this often leads to constipation, which can affect your well-being. Therefore nature has provided Donat Mg, which can be found nowhere else but our springs and has healthful effects on your digestion. Its secret is osmotic action, drawing water from the cells of the intestinal wall, and thus increasing the volume of the intestinal content by up to 5 times. This is followed by pressure on the intestinal wall, which triggers movement.


Ingredients: Natural mineral water, Magnesium ion 1000mg/l, Sodium ion 1700mg/l, Calcium ion 380mg/l, Hydrogen Carbonate ion 7800mg/l, Sulphate ion 2100mg/l, Chloride ion 75mg/l, Carbon Dioxide min. 3500mg/l.


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Customer Reviews

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Very costly! It only cost €1.20 in Vienna. I don't understand why it is so expensive in UK.

Donat Mg

Excellent mineral water. Very good service

jasminka spoljar-rahim
Best product!

Fantastic, so healthy and efficient.

Chris R
Refreshing and full of good minerals

I love Donat Mg water - a readily bioavailable way of increasing your Magnesium intake - and many other useful minerals too!

Lightly sparkling and little salty, it is surprisingly refreshing...

Magaza have to be the best supplier of this i have found too - friendly company, who really take care of their customers and go the extra mile

Nina Pfifer

Donat Mg water | Donat Mg voda 1l