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Granny's Secret Ajvar mild | Ajvar blagi 550g


This is ajvar, the most authentic specialty Balkan lands have to offer. Not to be eaten, but indulged in, this relish is prepared from traditionally roasted red peppers. Granny's Secret ajvar is made from chopped roasted red peppers, a little oil, vinegar and salt. Ajvar turns a "barbecue" into a true barbecue. Rule of thumb: for every kilo of meat or meat alternative, half a kilo of ajvar is just under "too much".

100% natural and gluten free.


Ingredients: roasted red pepper 94%, sunflower oil, salt, spirit vinegar.


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Yulia Peratsiatska


David Reid
Give me a chance to taste it first!

They say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting but I haven't got round to tastnig it yet so please be kind enough to send a recipe or two to cook it in then I can have it in a meal. Is that a deal?

Dear David, ajvar is a ready to eat product which does not require any cooking, usually it is not part of recipes, but used as a spread, dip or side. Traditionally, we would spread it on a slice of bread for breakfast or a snack-meal, or have it as a side with BBQ meats (super tasty with beef, chicken or pork). It also pairs beautifully with any white cheese (feta for example), you can have them separately as a mezze or mix them together with some chilli to create a side dish called Urnebes. Adding some garlic, vinegar and olive oil will turn your ajvar into a speedy salad. All being said, there is no shame in eating it straight from the jar!


Simple but perfect ajvar.

Isidora Zagradanin

Granny's Secret Ajvar mild | Ajvar blagi 550g

Dragica Davidović