Prolom Alkaline water | Prolom voda 1.5l


The famous alkaline Prolom water belongs to the group of rare low-mineralized waters with a pH of 8.8 - 9.2. It is extracted from the natural spring at a depth of 220m and thanks to its oligomineral, alkaline and bicarbonate properties, is beneficial as auxiliary mean in treatment of the following diseases:

Kidney and urinary tract diseases: chronic renal and urinary tract infections, kidney stone and urinary tract stone, postoperative urinary tract state, benign prostate diseases.

Digestive diseases: hyperacid gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal colitis, chronic constipation, inflammation of bile and the biliary tract, gallstones, postoperative state of digestive organs.

Skin diseases: psoriasis and other keratinization disorders, inflammatory dermatoses - eczema, mycosis, and the like.

Locomotor apparatus diseases: inflammatory rheumatism in early stage, degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis), articular and non-articular rheumatism (fibromyalgia, myositis, tendinitis and panniculitis).


Ingredients: natural mineral water, non-carbonated.


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Customer Reviews

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Our body needs water. It makes up 70% of body mass and participates in all important processes in the body. That is why it is extremely important that we consume sufficient amounts of natural, low-mineralized, alkaline water that does not burden the body every day.
Prolom voda is ideal for you. No other water can boast of the characteristics that Prolom water has.
Prolom voda belongs to the group of rare low-mineralized waters of high balneological values:
high alkalinity,
Low content of soluble minerals,
Great hydrating power.
Alkaline waters, such as Prolom voda, are considered the waters of youth in the world.
Due to its unique mineral and chemical composition, i.e. due to its low mineralization and high alkalinity, Prolom water can be used for an unlimited period of time


Excellent water

Wojciech Pozdziak

Prolom Alkaline water | Prolom voda 1.5l

Prolom voda

Nice, refreshing, with healing properties.
Delivered on time, good communication before delivery.

Thank you

Violeta Ranisavljevic - Dawson

Refreshing, full of natural benefits